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About us, Indian Medical Association is the largest professional organization in the world.The primary mission of IMA is to unite the medical fraternity under one banner and ultimately advance the medical science for the betterment of the masses. Simultaneously, it seeks to safeguard the interest of the medical fraternity in this ever changing milieu of medical profession.

IMA Desinganad Branch- represents a beautiful part of God’s own country rightfully called ” The Prince of Arabian Sea” also known to the World around as the Cashew Hub.

Way back in 2007 with the vision of a strong and united communion of Doctor’s -IMA Branch of Desinganad emerged as a bright & youthful star from a representation of few members in 2007, today its grown into an invincible tree of 820 plus members.

Amongst us are the strong leaders with distinctive capabilities, dedication and uncompromising spirit with a touch of compassion has always nurtured the right growth of this association.

Bestowed in us the motto

“United we stand for the cause of Doctors” 

we see ourselves fly high from nowhere to this day of better hope structure.

Desinganad Branch Inauguration
Inaugural Speech by Dr.V.C.Velayudhan Pillai
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